“Drive business”:

    We are on your side. Always.

    High availability of vehicle wash systems.
    Personal support from experienced WashTec professionals.
    Fast response times and high First Fix Rate.
    Optimum availability of spare parts.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Fast, reliable problem solving.

    Comprehensive support concept: carwash technology, chemicals and waste water.
    Pragmatic, requirements orientated service – especially in an emergency.
    Support throughout the entire contract term.

    Comprehensive maintenance concept – For a secure carwash business

    In accordance with the recipe for success “better safe than sorry” WashTec offers a comprehensive service package to give you, the operator, the peace of mind you need to be successful. Because you need a high quality product combined with a reliable service to focus on the thing that count – your business!

    On our operator training course you quickly discover how to operate and care for your system to achieve maximum profitability.

    With us you get more than just good machines

    In an emergency, the WashTec maintenance service delivers fast response times and a high First Fix Rate. But you’ll also enjoy its benefits in your day-to-day operations. For example, the ease with which you can reach your personal contact. Or our straightforward handling of queries. Our competent employees will happily advise you on retrofitting wash functions, on questions about chemicals, waste water or disposal, on a face lift or on retrofitting systems – whether brushes, motors or safety information boards. And we are right by your side in marketing matters – so that your investment pays off quickly.


    An efficient service network – For optimal customer service

    Our high First Fix Rate is based on a team of outstandingly-trained engineers. Quick, clean solutions every time – that’s the aim of our engineers. To make our customers happy. Alongside our service network we also have a competent help desk because you don’t always need an engineer to be on site. Therefore our company philosophy begins and ends with customer benefit.

    High availability and fast delivery of replacement parts

    Along with quality and speed in maintenance and repairs, reliability is a crucial factor in the WashTec service concept. We guarantee year-long, fast availability of all relevant parts. For carwash-, commercial vehicle- and bus wash systems.

    WashTec also supports partners who are more self-reliant. It is easy to order spare parts to carry out a repair yourself, in the same way as you order chemicals, accessories and marketing materials. Because we want you to do what you can, when and how you want to do it.

    Every washing business works in different conditions and thus has different service requirements. The type and age of the system, washing capacity or also the presence of trained engineers are just a few examples of factors affecting the scope of service.

    To make sure that you always obtain the best service for your needs, WashTec supports you in choosing the best service for your demands.

    We would also be happy to develop a service package matched to your individual needs for you. Contact us for your personal package.