“Drive business”:

    Set values and be a role model.

    Our Code of Ethics obligates all employees to comply with all laws and directives (Compliance). This forms a joint value system which we constantly evaluate and refine.

    Regular checks guarantee sustainable effectiveness on a large and small scale. In everything we do.

    Sustainability is an important driver of our business activities. Because WashTec thinks about the future.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Get more than good machinery.

    Choosing a WashTec product is a good decision. Because WashTec meets its social commitments by operating sustainably.

    On a daily basis WashTec operates reliably and embodies mutual respect. We empower our employees and care for our customers. For a shared, worthwhile future.

    WashTec is serious about sustainability. These values are anchored in our corporate philosophy. And we live by them.

    Creating Values

    Sustainable business secures our future. As a business. As part of society. For society. It is one of the foundations of our business approach and is equally a key success factor: Sustainable business opens new opportunities in our industry, minimizes risks and creates innovative solutions.

    We want to become the most sustainable company in the vehicle wash sector. The sustainable business approach already runs through our entire value chain. Because our aims are clear: We use resources efficiently and conscientiously and we behave responsibly towards our employees, partners and society.

    As well as striving for innovation, sustainability is one of our most important drivers. Because the sustainable business approach saves costs, generates sales and brings profits. However, the benefit are not just ours. They are equally important in creating values for the environment and for society.

    Promote potential

    Our employees are the basis of our business success. Obviously. Therefore we offer good workplaces and personal and professional development- and training opportunities. In return they provide their knowledge, personality and passion. Every single one. Individually with their personal and professional strengths. In a team for the business as a whole.

    We pay a good wages for good work. We provide social benefits and
    help our employees to balance their private, family and work lives, as well as protecting their health. Every single employee is important to us.

    We value mutual respect in the workplace. We promote cultural diversity and tolerance in our workforce. We are convinced that this has a positive effect on our ability to innovate and compete, We support more women coming into technical professions and management positions.

    In 2005 the companies of the WashTec Group signed up to a Code of Ethics which obliges all employees to comply with all laws and directives (Compliance). Our employee manual contains the most important conditions and we regularly check compliance with the guidelines via internal compliance audits.

    Act conscientiously

    Sustainable business is an essential part of the business culture by which we live. We are mindful of the big picture, and take responsibility for the detail. Our long business history obliges us to act sustainably. This is acknowledged in our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standard certificates. These set out recognized worldwide requirements for responsible and conscientious quality- and environmental management systems.

    We are also certified according to SSC** 2001. Fulfillment of the Contractors Safety Standards protects the health and safety of our employees. This includes compliance with additional requirements regarding environmental protection. Certification is carried out regularly by DEKRA, who check compliance with the laws and standards and confirm legal certainty.

    We take responsibility for the big picture and the small details

    Of course we want to keep setting the example. We want to reduce consumption and emissions further and to avoid waste. We already take environmental aspects into consideration in all processes, products and services. At the same time we also save costs. For example, since 2007 all new diesel vehicles have been fitted with filters which reduce particle emissions from each vehicle by 99%. We run our offices with the same consideration: We use climate-neutral postal systems for letters and packets and use FSC paper from ecological, sustainable forests. WashTec is serious about sustainability.