“Drive business”:

    We actively contribute to protecting the environment.

    By developing environmentally-friendly products we actively and systematically contribute to conserving the planet’s limited energy and raw materials.

    We develop efficiency improvements over the whole life of our gantry-, tunnel- and jet wash systems.

    Our subsidiary – AUWA Chemie – guarantees the utmost care in the production of its advanced wash chemicals. Maximum environmental sustainability.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    The pleasure of keeping your vehicle clean.

    Along with economic and social issues, the environment is a top priority at WashTec. So you can keep your vehicle clean with a clear conscience.
    Practically all raw materials in WashTec systems can be recycled.

    WashTec actively conserves resources: A water-reusing gantry system requires 30 liters less fresh water per wash cycle than a washing machine.


    Our environmental balance

    Along with wash results, customers are most concerned about the environmental impact and sustainability of vehicle wash systems. We understand this. And we answer these concerns. Sustainable services and environmentally-sustainable commercial vehicle washing solutions are our top priority. Because we want future generations to enjoy the experience of having a clean vehicle.

    The WashTec eco balance is essentially about energy and waste. By developing environmentally-friendly products we actively and systematically contribute to conserving the planet’s limited energy- and raw material resources. Plus – we develop efficiency improvements across the entire lifecycle of our products.

    Waste reduction and reuse

    To improve resource and energy efficiency we are striving for a closed-loop­economy. Waste reduction and reuse are at the forefront of this mission. Practically all the raw materials in our systems can already be recycled. But that’s not enough for us. WashTec is always seeking to improve efficiency further.

    The average working life of a wash system is 5 to 10 years. At the end of its life a system can be professionally disassembled and reused or recycled. All our specifications for machine development at WashTec advise on the optimum reuse of practically the entire product.

    When you replace your machine, almost all peripheral components can be recycled – even parts of the control system. A project by the Öko-Institut Freiburg (Germany) tested the sustainability of our products. We used the results to refine our products from ecological perspectives. This was a great example of how customer benefits, environmental protection and sustainability can be united.


    The WashTec business model is based around sustainable environmental protection and its products and their operating methods actively contribute to this. Essentially the washing fluids such as water, shampoo and oil remain within the machine so they do not contaminate the soil or ground water. Water treatment equipment helps to reduce the amount of fresh water used to wash a vehicle to14-30 liters per wash as compared to 120-170 liters otherwise. WashTec supplies mechanical, biological and chemical water treatment equipment for all vehicle wash systems.

    Fresh water in vehicle wash systems

    Every new generation of WashTec vehicle wash systems consumes less freshwater. Today the amount of replacement fresh water is equivalent only to the water which is removed from the wash system by the newly cleaned vehicle.

    WashTec systems fulfill all current, applicable environmental regulations. As they use little fresh water they are an environmentally sustainable alternative when car-washing by hand is banned. WashTec also expects increased regulation in markets with lower environmental standards or where water is scarce. This increases potential for environmentally-friendly vehicle washes which recycle water.

    Environmental regulations are already becoming stricter in Northern Europe and other countries are discussing a ban on manual car washing. WashTec won the “Nordic White Swan” environmental award in Scandinavia for its particularly sustainable water treatment- and vehicle wash systems.

    We expect the requirements for water treatment and recovery to be increased further due to water scarcity. Our products need to be ready. Worldwide.

    The wash chemicals supplied by AUWA are developed and produced in the WashTec laboratories in Augsburg and Grebenau (Germany) in close cooperation with our development department.

    We always keep in mind sustainable use of available resources in the manufacture of AUWA products. Therefore whilst meeting our customers’ requirements we nevertheless use as few unnecessary raw materials: colorants, fragrances, emulsifiers etc. as possible. All wash chemicals are concentrated. They are automatically diluted and dispensed inside the wash system. This reduces weight and packaging and so keeps transport costs to a minimum.

    We use high-quality ingredients in highly concentrated and optimized products so that the amount of chemicals in each wash is also kept to a minimum. The use of concentrated detergents reduces consumption and associated transport costs and emissions are also reduced by 30 to 70%, depending on the product.

    Quality before quantity

    “Quality before quantity” is the motto in the manufacturing and development of all AUWA products. This means it is always preferable to use a smaller, optimized quantity of a high-quality raw material or an improved recipe than a high quantity of a standard material. No toxic ingredients are used in the manufacture of AUWA products. If a material is rated as “environmentally hazardous” it is no longer used or it is replaced by a safe material. We also check whether label-free materials can be used in place of materials which require labels (i.e. potentially harmful).

    WashTec has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since the year 2000. This worldwide-recognized standard outlines requirements for an environmental management system. Group-wide environmental goals are regularly set and actions are agreed for their attainment. Implementation and measuring of these actions is a part of all our projects. Target completion and environmental management systems are regularly reviewed and set out in our annual management review. Our continuous improvement process is a tool which we use to meet the targets defined by the company for our environmental performance.

    Most of our production takes place at our main site in Augsburg, Germany and which has recently been modernized and reorganized. Our subsidiary in Denver, USA assembles vehicle wash systems
    predominantly for the North American market. Our site in China is a production location and supplies components and assembles systems for the Asian market. Our subsidiary in the Czech Republic produces components for final assembly in Augsburg. We also have a smaller production location in Recklinghausen which produces control systems for the entire group.

    WashTec’s chief added value is sheet metal working
    with a modern machine park at which components are finally assembled. We filter production fumes and emissions to reduce
    the release of pollutants as far as is technically possible.

    WashTec’s environmental seal identifies all our products and components as particularly environmentally- and resource-friendly.