“Drive business”:

    Our commitment to a clean future

    As a global player we fulfill our company’s mission – to look to the economic future when we do business.

    As a manufacturer of gantry-, tunnel- and other car wash systems we are aware of our environmental responsibility – and we meet it.

    Respect and fairness define our business approach – internally and externally.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Enjoy the washing experience and the results. Today and every day.

    Because we apply high economic, ecological and social standards at WashTec, you can continue to enjoy having a clean vehicle.

    One example: A water-recycling WashTec portal system requires 30 liters less fresh water per wash cycle than a washing machine and almost all raw materials in WashTec systems can be recycled.

    WashTecis a fair employer: You can trust the solutions and the wash systems from our company.