“Drive business”:

    Win customer loyalty with intelligent marketing.

    Based upon precise location analysis, install the perfect wash system and win customers with the right marketing measures

    The overall impression of the location is harmonious and inviting: attracting new customers and inspiring potential customers.

    Our marketing support is so striking and targeted that potential customers cannot pass by the offer.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Offer a little more with extra value.

    Marketing offers signal that good wash results are achieved at the site.

    The pleasant atmosphere at the site and sound vehicle washing advice convince the customer.

    Customers perceive the process to be smooth and comfortable – which makes them feel good. So that new customers become regular customers.


    Gain new customers with the optimal marketing mix

    When the whole package comes together, gaining new customers is easy. Precise target-group communications gain attention. Advertising messages, including the advantages, ensure solid interest. Always suitable for the type of wash at the site, the time of year and the time of day, etc.

    Our experience shows that special offers bring in spur-of-the-moment customers. If they are happy with the ease and results of the car wash, the right offers in the right amount will convert them into regular customers Sound good? We will happily advise you!