“Drive business”:

    Develop strategic wash potential.

    Be strategic from the outset: with a resilient marketing concept.

    Develop and implement intelligent and individually adapted package of measures – for the optimum use of the wash system.

    Profit long term, all marketing measures are continually tested and optimized – including success monitoring.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Reach and convince customers locally.

    Offer the right solution for every need every time: from the right-sized gantry system system for the major customer to the optimally-featured jetwash for the car enthusiast.

    Make car washing easy. With a process designed for comfort from driving onto the site and starting the wash program to leaving with a clean vehicle.

    Motivate customers to invest in regular washes with intelligent seasonal or occasion-specific offers.


    Strategic support

    Customers are at the heart of what WashTec does. You, the operator, are serving the customer who has individual carwash needs. We understand the needs of you both and we have a win-win solution. So that everybody’s happy. And do good business together.

    Marketing is an important part of the WashTec total service concept so we begin with strategic advice: Which communication measures best fit your target group? At your specific location? For the vehicles which your (potential) customers drive. For their habits. And what are your local competitors offering?

    We will support you in creating the perfect marketing strategy for your location. With a convincing concept for promoting sales, an intelligent package of measures and support for success controls and optimization of the measures. Irrespective of whether a gantry system or jetwash and bus- or commercial vehicle wash system. And always keeping in mind seasonal aspects, e.g. with sales packages at the start of winter or combined offers on specific occasions.

    Sales promotion concept

    Each location is different. Each operator has individual needs. Each customer group has its own specific expectations and requirements WashTec can put together a perfect package of measures using our years of experience. In short: We have the competence, we listen to you and we offer the most suitable solution so that everyone’s happy. You and your customers.

    From concept to sales promotion, our advice service is comprehensive and orientated towards your needs. Maybe an after-work wash offer is right for your customers. Or a special occasion offer, e.g. for holidays, or a seasonal offer, e.g. at the beginning of the year. We know the answer, POS or roadside, on the carwash forecourt, in a newspaper or a promotional flier. Trust our experience.

    Monitoring and optimizing the offer mix

    Monitoring the implementation of offers and measuring your success are crucial in marketing. If you know what adjustments are needed you can intervene and steer your business effectively. We have years of experience and are by your side to offer personal help and advice.