“Drive business”:

    Make car washing a memorable brand experience.

    The best systems should look the best. Matched to the operator’s brand image and to the overall visual impression of the site (branding).

    An unmistakable system design grabs the attention, giving you a competitive advantage over the competition.

    A highly-recognizable carwash design particularly helps operators with multiple locations to connect with their customers.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    A carwash which is enjoyed by its customers.

    A modern WashTec system with positive, visual long-distance impact is an eye-catcher at any site.

    An attractively-designed facade is inviting to carwash customers.

    Customers feel well served by their “own” carwash and feel at ease in the same operator’s systems in other locations.


    Individual carwash design

    If you give your carwash an individual look, you offer your customers a visual highlight. If matched to the design of the location you create an unmistakable overall impression. In particular for operators with multiple locations this offers several advantages: Familiarity attracts customers and connects with them: they know their way round and feel at ease.

    If you have the scope as an operator, there is no limit to your creativity. We will happily advise you on the best look for your carwash – to match the customer- and vehicle profiles at your location – along with the general appearance and its place within the overall business.

    The system design can also follow defined branding and correspond to prescribed business guidelines e.g. of an oil company.

    The WashTec Art Collection

    From Aqua to Matterhorn: The WashTec Art Collection is a range of around ten attractive facade panels for your carwash. Operators can also use the traditional designs to give their system an inviting and attractive look. This reaches out to potential customers, making them want to try out the carwash, or to keep coming back to this particular venue.

    The look of your carwash is also a unique feature in the immediate environment: It makes the location stand out from the competition, it can win customers and keep them. We will happily advise you. Trust in our decades of experience.