“Drive business”:

    Keep customers satisfied.

    Offer the exact wash service that your customers need.

    React flexibly to customers’ changing needs. Build long-lasting customer relationships.

    Stay in contact with your customers. Be an equal partner. Competent and fair.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Offer services that correspond to your customers’ habits.

    Keep developing your marketing concept depending on the needs of your customers. Deliver the right offer at the right time.

    Recognize when needs change by talking to customers. Add a wash offer to meet those needs.

    Reward and motivate frequent customers with attractive sales offers or lucrative bonus systems.


    Secure long-term business with loyal and satisfied customers

    Once you have attracted new customers or spontaneous customers to your carwash, you need to turn them into long-term customers. To do this, you need to meet their respective requirements. You offer excellent wash results guaranteed by the optimal wash system for your location and a balanced package of offers that builds customers’ trust and rewards loyalty.

    Part of this package could be upgrades or retrofits which add functions for improved wash results. Or give-aways which promote good will. Or customer loyalty systems such as cards which offer regular customers special offers or other exclusive added value.
    We analyze with you which customer loyalty measure is the best for your location. We support you with planning. We are by your side during implementation and we help you analyze results. WashTec is always by your side. In word. And deed.