“Drive business”:

    Sales support, benefit from the operator.

    Intelligent package of marketing offers for gas stations, carwashes and jetwash bays.

    Support for sales promotion on site. Advertising posters, price boards and customer instructions.

    Support for customer communications. Face-to-face and in writing.



    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Marketing offers that appeal to car wash customers.

    Highlight the advantages of the different wash offers to potential customers.

    Make the site stand out and convince customers with clear messages -in word and image.

    Stand out positively and be remembered.


    Marketing for more wash business

    A proven marketing rule saying says “do good stuff and talk about it”. That means: When you offer your customers a high-quality wash system at your location, shout about it. WashTec supports you with a powerful mix of marketing materials for targeted advertising offers.

    Whether at gas stations, car washes or jet wash sites. It pays to steer customers to your wash offers. To turn them into regular customers. WashTec knows how this happens and we deliver competent advice to you. From the beginning.

    WashTec advertising materials Be eye-catching

    Use eye-catching posters to motivate your customers to wash their vehicles. Set out clear, convincing advantages. Special offers are more eye-catching and can greatly increase wash business.

    The little things count: Give-aways

    Build a personal relationship with your customers. Simply say thank you – with small freebies from the WashTec range. For example, wash cloths, key chains or children’s games. Give-aways are good for customer loyalty. And loyal customers are good for your business.

    Ads: Templates for many occasions

    Adverts in printed local media are a good way to reach your target group. WashTec helps you to design success ads with effective templates. We can also design an individual ad for your purposes. Attention-grabbing. Attractive. And to the point.
    To keep your customers in the loop, we provide you with templates for your mailing list. Use direct language to build up the personal relationship with your customers. Position yourself as a competent contact for all vehicle washing issues. This connection will pay off.

    Clear messages: Info text and signs

    Clear and obvious signage reduces customers’ inhibitions. A signage system guarantees that the carwash customers can find their way round and feel relaxed and at ease in the vehicle wash. Clearly formulated information promotes additional understanding. The carwash becomes a successful experience all round.