“Drive business”:

    Develop your site strategically with our marketing support.

    Proven WashTec marketing expertise helps you optimize the potential of your site, gain more customers and keep them coming back.

    A unique, eye-catching wash system is an advantage over the competition for every operator.

    Your marketing measures package ensures optimal customer communication and helps make the wash experience unforgettable.


    “Deliver customer experience”:

    Vehicle washes that your customers enjoy. For the results. And for the experience.

    A welcoming frontage is inviting for your wash customers and reduces inhibitions.

    Clear communication about the advantages, easy-to-follow instructions and easy navigation from the street to the wash hall create a harmonious and relaxed car wash experience.

    Carefully chosen seasonal- and occasion-based offers meet the exact needs of the respective customer base at your site.


    Customers are at the heart of what WashTec does. You, the operator, are serving the customer who has individual carwash needs. We understand the needs of you both and we have a win-win solution. So that everybody’s happy. And do good business together.

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    If you give your carwash an individual look, you offer your customers a visual highlight. If matched to the design of the location you create an unmistakable overall impression. In particular for operators with multiple locations this offers several advantages…

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    When the whole package comes together, gaining new customers is easy. Precise target-group communications gain attention. Advertising messages, including the advantages, ensure solid interest. Always suitable for the type of wash at the site, the time of year…

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    Once you have attracted new customers or spontaneous customers to your carwash, you need to turn them into long-term customers. To do this, you need to meet their respective requirements. You offer excellent wash results guaranteed by the optimal wash system for your location and a balanced package of offers that builds customers’ trust and rewards loyalty.
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    A proven marketing rule saying says “do good stuff and talk about it”. That means: When you offer your customers a high-quality wash system at your location, shout about it. WashTec supports you with a powerful mix of marketing materials for targeted advertising offers.
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