Business Development

    WashTec understood the responsibility not only as a car wash machine manufacturer but also as a business enabler. We would like to support our customers with a complete care concept – from the very first beginning of your project to an independently running profitable business. You can choose individually from our variety of different consulting options how we can support you in your project. Our main intention is always to make you satisfied and your business profitable.


    Site Analysis

    Successful car wash business depends on a variety of circumstances. The selection of the car wash location is essential for the business success. We support our customer with a detailed and individual site analysis checking several location key criteria like:

    • Amount of cars at the location per day/month
    • Costs for water and electricity
    • Layout of the location
    • Earning capacity of the customers/neighborhood
    • Neighborhood and environment of the station
    • Traffic situation
    • Competitors in the surrounding
    • Year over year weather conditions
    • Types of dirt in the area
    • Cooperation of station staff

    In addition some individual customer group criteria.

    Profitability calculation – ROI

    The Return on Invest (RoI) calculation is individual for every station and depends on investment, variable cost, fixed cost and operational numbers.

    WashTec supports you with a pre calculation/ estimation that help you to make a decision about the achievable time for a return of the investment.

    Our analysis take around 40 business factors into consideration and demands a deep knowledge about how to operate a car wash machine, address the customer and handle the business. With more than 50 years knowledge and experience within the automatic car wash industry, WashTec is your reliable partner for a profitable business.

    We highly recommend using this service to make your business more calculable and successful.


    Operational Intelligence

    Prior to the start of the business several decisions have to be made. These decisions will affect the overall success of the car wash business. As a basic rule the two most important factors of a successful car wash business have to be considered: volume and average price. Main premise to make the basic decisions is to reach an appropriate car volume in relation to a reasonable average price.

    To achieve reasonable numbers these basic decisions have to be made:

    • Hardware/Equipment
    • Offer to the customer
    • Wash programs
    • Pricing
    • Marketing strategy
    • Positioning of the car wash

    With individual workshops (refer to Multilevel customer training) we help our customer to make the right decisions prior to the investment. This will give you as an investor the necessary security to make the right decisions.

    Mutlilevel Customer Training

    Depending on your company structure we can perform a multi level or individual training – each decision level in your company get´s an individual training content. Starting with the management level we support you to set directions in case of a business plan and strategy, responsibilities and staff decisions.

    Next step is the local management on site. We generate the commitment to the automatic car wash business and raise the awareness of the mid level management to execute the management decisions. Last but not least we do the operational training for the operators on site – the most important people in the car wash business because they have to satisfy your customers.

    Every training unit is based on highly developed knowledge and content – an essential step to a successful car wash business.


    Project Management

    The decision to start a successful car wash business is based on several factors. We call the complete process of an implementation a project, and we support you at every step of the project with our profound industry knowledge.

    For this reason we have several instances beginning with your sales contact over the technical support engineer to at least the installation team to guarantee a smooth handling of the complete project. However, to make your life easy you will always be in contact with only one responsible project manager.

    The easiest way to start a profitable car wash business! As a result of all the different project steps leading to a successful business start you will get an individual feasibility study. This will set your decisions on a stable base to secure your investments.

    Marketing Support

    China is a new market for professional automatic car wash. Therefore the customers are not experienced and informed enough to use a car wash machine as a common way to clean the car. This is exactly the reason why several investments failed in the past. The customer needs to be convinced with the right arguments that an automatic car wash has many benefits against the established ways of cleaning a car.

    These benefits – safety, speed, brilliant result, best value for money, environmental protection – have to be communicated to the customer as often as possible. The only way to do this is using an appropriate marketing strategy in combination with the right tools.

    Marketing needs a very high focus to make the business successful.

    WashTec provides the appropriate backup for this approach:

    • Supervisor/Consulting
    • Marketing materials
    • Staff and management training
    • Know how transfer
    • Campaign design

    WashTec can support you in finding the right marketing concept or, even better, produce focused materials customized for you. After 50 years in the business we know how to address the customer.