AquaPur® – the effective filter concept for clean process water

    AquaPur is a tried and tested system based on mechanical filtering processes and the use of special quartz gravel. For car washing, it therefore provides a very efficient yet cost-effective way of reclaiming water.

    With AquaPur, you’re also benefiting from WashTec’s easy and economic possibilities in the area of water recovery


    AquaPur® – simple, economical.

    • The water flows through the filter from top to bottom. All dirt particles are retained there in the quartz gravel.
    • The filtered water flows immediately into the storage tank.
    • The system cleans itself through the reverse flow process. Water is pumped through the filter from the bottom to the top. Return flow water and the initial filtrate are passed into the sedimentation tank for sedimentation.

    • After the silt trap, the waste water flows into a storage tank with aeration system which reliably prevents odours.
    • The precleaned water is pumped into the filter.
    • In the filter operation, the water flows through one fine and one coarse gravel layer.
    • The cleaned water flows into the process water tank.
    • From the storage tank, the water is pumped into the car wash.
    • Water that is not required for use is returned to the circulation pipes.
      Excess water is disposed of by discharging it into the drains.

    The filteration cycle – removing dirt and saving fresh water