The Top seller in China, Asia and Australia! The SoftWash is a perfect combination of low space requirements, wash volume and efficiency. A German high quality product with an unbeatable price during his lifetime and maximum performance.

    The SoftWash is able to wash cars in a time between 2,5 and 8 minutes. Completely customizable for all customer demands – from quick washing and drying to a full-service program including car polish. The machine operates completely independently and needs only one operator – this safes money for expensive car wash staff.

    Our premise is always to deliver the highest German standard in product quality. That´s why we still use numerous German parts in our SoftWash machine. This ensures a maximum reliability with up to 98% uptime and therefore a maximum time for operators to make profit. With an average lifetime of more than 8 years the machine allows you to make money for years after you have got back your investment. Without concerns about replacement or trouble with high maintenance costs or break downs! Think about it: only a running machine makes money!

    High quality German machine partsAll critical parts are from Germany. This reduces the danger of break downs and means more profit for the operator.
    Machine depth only 1,75 meterWith a 9 meter track cars up to 5.5 meter can be washed.
    Car measurement and computer controlled photocellsAlways the right pressure on the car. Therefore no damages or scratches but always the right washing result. That means no complaints and loyal customers.
    Hot dip galvanized and powder coatedThe machine frame will last for a minimum of 10 years.
    High precision spraying system and nozzlesA minimum of chemical usage: only between 10 and 30 ml per chemical and car. Highly effective and profitable to reduce costs per wash and more profit.
    Microprocessor controlled motorsSmooth start of the machine provides protection against damages from machine shaking. less break down and wear and tear – we save your money for service.
    All main functions/motions with maintenance free electric motor drivesNo downtimes for lubrication. More operational time, less maintenance, less staff requirements, more time to make money.
    Only electric drives in useE-Drives are more precise and need less maintenance than pneumatic or hydraulic drives. More operational time, less maintenance, less staff requirements, more time to make money
    Up to 5 different chemicalsOffer a broad range of programs including wax and polish for a maximum on profit. Low costs per car but high wash prices means high profit for the operator
    Microprocessor with sophisticated self-controlAll important components report constantly the machine status. Your advantage is fast trouble-shooting and low preventive maintenance.

    SoftWash speed

    Service two cars at once!

    The SoftWash Speed uses the same principal like the proven SoftWash but with one big difference: the washing and drying process is split on two independent portals – first one for washing and care, the second one for drying.

    Therefore the SoftWash Speed is the perfect solution for all operations that want to maximize the profits of their washing business through a high customer frequency.

    The SoftWash Speed car wash closes the gap between gantry machines and conveyor tunnel systems perfectly. The two structural portals next in line afford a parallel washing and drying of two vehicles. Such as two portals accelerate your business up to 18 vehicle washes an hour.

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    Direct attention to your car wash.
    Individual design with new LED-Lights.


    The high quality materials and workmanship ensure that
    the system will operate continuously and reliably.

    The gentle washing material made from foamed polyethylene washes thoroughly without leaving marks.

    High-pressure rinsing is advisable after coarse dirt particles have been dissolved. The SoftWash comes with optional 16 bar high pressure side spraying system.

    Wheel washing brushes give the wheels a thorough cleaning.

    The side washers are angled during the forwards movement and straight when the car wash reverses. This ensures that the washing result will be outstanding.


    The design of the dryer effectively forces the water droplets downwards away from the roof and sides of the vehicle. This helps to dry the sides of the vehicle and also provides all-round drying.

    Extend the performance range of your system with options such as the underbody wash.

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    Our systems deliver the best possible cleaning result with the lowest possible use of energy and raw materials and uses 30 litres less fresh water per cycle than a domestic washing machine.

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