Creators of the revolutionary car washing and polishing material

    SofTecs is a revolutionary wash material designed and engineered in Germany, and is used by the worlds leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Created from a special non-porous material, SofTecs is guaranteed to be the safest way to wash vehicles – even safer than hand washing!

    FACT #1

    Hand washing damages your car’s surface more than any other method

    Independent University studies carried out in Texas and Munich concluded that the most damaging method of vehicle washing is by hand using a bucket and sponge (the “traditional” way). The reason being, surface dirt from vehicles become lodged in the sponge, the action of hand washing, rubbing the dirt particles on the surface of the vehicle causes microscopic scratches which over time ‘dulls’ the paint surface reducing the gloss & shine. read more…

    FACT #2

    Washing with SofTecs is not only safe, but will actually enhance the shine!

    SofTecs material is made from a revolutionary material which is not only the safest way to wash a vehicle, but it will actually enhance the gloss and shine, due to its soft fibre characteristics and spinning-buffing motion. SofTecs material is made from a soft chamois like, non-porous material which will not retain any type of harmful dirt particles, therefore allowing for a safe wash – GUARANTEED!

    Often copied, never dublicated!

    SofTecs – Protects and enhances the gloss and shine. 29 of the worlds leading prestige vehicle manufacturers and dealers demand WashTec Automatic Vehicle Wash systems fitted with SofTecs for all their vehicle cleaning needs:


    The particularly soft, foamed polyethylene cleans even the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving the tiniest trace.


    The new super-soft material, SofTecs®, made from foamed polyethylene, removes dirt more gently than any other material.


    New paint? No problem. With new vehicles in particular, maintaining the shine of the paint is particularly important.

    Traditional PE brush material leaves fine brush marks on vehicle paintwork. This creates a light yet visible grey shimmer.

    Even after washing 300 times, SofTecs® leaves no brushmarks on vehicles. This has been scientifically proven.


    SofTecs® is extremely durable and will easily cope with over 50,000 washes.

    This creates confidence and produces a lucrative competitive advantage

    A high-pressure pre-wash rises even tough particles from extremely dirty vehicles using a gentle spray. This is the precondition for a gentle SofTecs wash


    With SofTecs® and SofTecs2, you are choosing to obtain a higher turnover: this high-quality product means you can increase your average price. This is another reason why 90% of all new WashTec facilities are supplied complete with SofTecs®.