Our Self Serve Car Wash equipment allows up to 12 wash options, providing you with healthy profit!

    Drive profits north

    The JetWash is the compact, state-of-the-art self serve car wash system that accommodates up to four bays in a self-contained unit only 56” wide and 24” deep, making it easy to get through a standard-sized door and easy to fit into a small equipment room.

    It’s Variable Frequency Drives allow you to change the pump speed used for each wash function, giving you complete control of water and chemical consumption.

    Pick & Choose

    Our range of self serve car wash machines allows you to choose the features you need in your car wash. From standalone systems to fully-integrated multi-bay facilities that provide a rapid and thorough car clean with no waiting times, WashTec has the self serve equipment to take your business to the next level.



    Self-service washing technology – High quality, true class in every detail


    WashTec self-service washing technology is characterised by high production quality. The use of high-quality components and powerful technology ensures continual operation for the system.


    Stainless steel piping, chemical-resistant valves, optional high-performance CAT pumps and many other first class components make our self-service systems a continuous source of revenue.

    Many useful functions ensure flexible handling


    Self-service systems can be flexibly configured for different requirements: The system can be set up to use coins, tokens, wash cards or codes with up to 8 washing programmes.


    With special programmes such as power foam or SelfTecs, you can offer your customers special ways in which to wash their vehicles. In addition, you will also set yourself apart from the local competition.

    Economical technology for economical operation


    Frequency converter operation: Benefit from the advantages of a variable pump speed and control your system pressure and water amounts depending on the washing programme selected. This saves money on electricity, water and chemicals.


    Hydraulically-driven, frequency-controlled pumps dose the cleaning and care products precisely at the required amounts. Thus your self-service system runs efficiently while achieving optimal washing results.

    More Profits:

    High pressure soap and wax

    Low pressure pre-soak and tyre cleaner

    High pressure rinse

    Manual over-ride

    Rotary coin boxes

    Slug buster coin acceptors

    Accutimers and vaults

    180º and 360º booms