Modular concept – Systems for all washing applications

    Best suited to locations with the opportunity for delivering high consumer demand and high wash volumes, WashTec Tunnel/Conveyor Systems are capable for cleaning up to 100 vehicles per hour – for smart investors looking to make serious profit!

    No location is like any other, and every operator must pursue his own strategy. WashTec therefore offers modular machine technology that includes all the elements for all sorts of different requirements. All the modules are available as cost-effective basic variants with with additional equipment for premium demands.

    Features Include:

    • Attractive Entrance Gantry
    • Laser guided contour drying stations available in single or double blower
    • Active illumination highlighting entrance and functions
    • Precision linear tracking wheel wash
    • Closed conveyor systems with variable speed controls
    • Final drying stations available in cloth strips or rotating rollers
    • State-of-the-art “nerve centre” ensures consistent performance with every wash
    • Wheel rim spray systems
    • Polishing stations available for customers who want “complete” care
    • Patented linear technology: Clean vehicles, even at fast speeds