Maxi Vario Wash

    Variety of options to suit your needs
    The WashTec MaxiWash Vario lives up to its name. You can assemble your particular machine from a wide selection of options. The variety of possible versions fulfils any wishes with regard to your wash system for commercial vehicles.

    The frame of the machine is designed for simple retrofitting of optional add-on modules as needed. With fully automatically controlled wash programs for automatic external cleaning of trucks, articulated trucks, trailers alone, buses, coaches, cars, station wagons and vans.

    Features include:

    • Moving wash gantry with side brushes (shown with optional roof brush).
    • 2 washes of an 18m truck in about 7 minutes
    • Flexible machine control programming
    • Fully electronic regulation of the brush pressure for optimum adaptation of the contours of the vehicle
    • Flexible frame construction, up to 4.95m vehicle height possible
    • Underbody washing facility for removing soiling in chassis areas that are difficult to access
    • Chemical spraying arch for top results
    • High Pressure arch cleans difficult areas
    • Contour tracking high pressure beam