General introduction

    Your advantages with the WashTec cleaning and care program:

    • Very economical, effective and profitable.
    • Profit boosting options – offer the difference to your customer.
    • Powerful cleaning agents – brilliant results.
    • The right solution for every cleaning challenge.
    • Very safe: Car paint, washing materials and equipment are treated gently.
    • The right product for every challenge
    • New fragrances add excitement to the wash process.
    • All products are biologically degradable and free from hydrofluoric acid.


    Profitability and environmental compatibility

    Our cleaning and care systems guarantee clean vehicles and provide great value for the customer. But WashTec does not only offers profitability and effectiveness – we also focus on achieving the highest possible degree of environmental compatibility.

    Stricter quality checks, adherence to high environmental standards and all legal regulations are as mandatory for us as the excellent biological degradability of our products – without using biocide or biostatical active raw materials.

    Our claim: The best cleaning and care solution for all washing systems. Who could develop a vehicle care program better than the world leading washing systems manufacturer?

    WashTec offers a complete product range which is fully focused towards progressive vehicle washing and care requirements: reliable, effective, economical and environmentally safe.

    WashTec provides reliable and safe products for the complete wash cycle. See what´s necessary to provide an outstanding customer experience.

    What is necessary for a perfect washing result?

    A perfect car wash is the result of a reliable and secure hardware and appropriate cleaning chemicals. WashTec h has optimized the interaction of car wash machines and cleaning chemicals during the last 50 years of experience in the car wash industry. Aspects like precise dosing, reaction time, efficiency, incorporation with the hardware and many more are primarily relevant for a good result. What we can promise: the perfect result will only be achieved with our chemicals.

    …because you don´t drive your gasoline engine with diesel, do you?

    Manual Pre Wash: PreLavan Scent

    PreLavan Scent acts as a manual pre wash support and can be used to remove all kinds of stubborn dirt like street dirt, grease, oil, exhaust and insect residue quickly and thoroughly. PreLavan Scent is also perfect for washing wheels, and removing dirt’s of any kind. PreLavan Scent can be used with any quality of water. The intensive fragrance with a fresh kick guarantees a clean feeling, even at the pre-wash stage.


    Pre Wash Chemical: FoamClean Neutral Plus

    FoamClean Neutral Plus dissolves heavy soiling quickly and very well with its high proportion of active wash substances. The particularly efficient and gentle to materials active foam with excellent foaming power is suitable for all water qualities. The advanced recipe of FoamClean Neutral Plus provides a reliable and effective enveloping of the dirt for gentle washing.

    The fresh PowerFlower-fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere at the car wash.

    Main/Brush Wash: ShampoClean Forte

    Highly effective alkaline car shampoo for the quick and thorough solving of all kinds of dirt. ShampoClean Forte cleans the vehicles gently and reliably. Special shine components support the excellent wash result. ShampoClean Forte reduces brush abrasion on the cars. In addition it keeps clean all types of wash materials.

    ShampoClean Forte refreshes the air inside the wash bay with a pleasant Flower-fragrance.



    Main/Brush Wash: ShampoClean Foam Neutral

    Cheap but effective Shampoo alternative for areas with light, not adhesive dirt consisting primarily of dust and sand particles. Dirt is dissolved and prevents abrasion of the brushes on the vehicles. ShampoClean Foam Neutral for clean brushes and less dirt in the cleaning hall.

    The fresh PowerFlower-fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere at the car wash.

    Car Drying: DryGloss Classic

    DryGloss Classic is a mineral oil free chemical drying agent for use in car washes with a blower drying facility. DryGloss Classic leaves vehicles shiny and won’t leave behind an annoying film on the windscreen.


    Basic Car Care Wax: ShineWax Brilliant

    ShineWax Brilliant is a mineral oil free special wax concentrate for use in car washes with a blower drying facility. ShineWax Brilliant starts working extremely swiftly and effectively on the vehicle. Excellent drying performance combined with a fantastic, long-lasting shine produces results that are both tangible and visible for the driver. Thanks to its durability and with regular usage, ShineWax Brilliant provides long-lasting care and shine for car paintwork. ShineWax Brilliant is designed for optimum compatibility with all process water treatment systems.

    Advanced Foam Wax: maxi³ ShineWax Foam Silk

    Highly concentrated premium foam wax concentrate for use in car washes with blow drying systems. The reliable, high-volume, dense foam will really impress your customers! maxi³ ShineWax Foam Silk provides lasting care and protection for vehicle paintwork leaving a striking mirror-finish shine. maxi³ ShineWax Foam Silk ensures that the water film breaks up quickly and gives an excellent dry finish. maxi³ ShineWax Foam Silk protects vehicle paint against aggressive environmental agents.


    HighTec Car Care Wax: RainTecs

    The premium wax RainTecs fulfils the highest demands for paint surface protection and offers premium care in car washes with a blow dry facility. The distinct beading effect effectively helps with the fast run-off of rainwater from the windscreen at higher driving speeds. In conjunction with PolishTecs®, high-class components in the product treat roughness in the paintwork and create a smooth surface with an excellent shine effect. Shine-enhancing components create an intense and sustainable deep lustre. RainTecs cares for the paintwork and protects it from aggressive weather and environmental influences and thereby prolonging the vehicle lifespan. The paint surface is perfectly preserved. Furthermore, RainTecs ensures fast and effective collapse of the water film and creates an optimal drying result. The unusual fragrance with a sweet and fruity note underlines the uniqueness of the product and completes the first class finish.

    HighTec Car Care Polish: PolishTecs

    PolishTecs is the new best-performing polishing foam, offering excellent care and preservation characteristics. PolishTecs is characterized by its powerful water repellence and excellent pearling effect. In addition PolishTecs provides great preservation for vehicle paintwork. Paintwork is reliably sealed and protected. PolishTecs creates an intense shine; paint, rubber and plastic parts are refreshed and returned to their original shine. PolishTecs has a fruity raspberry fragrance.

    PolishTecs will be polished finally with the brushes to achieve a perfectly long lasting and effective protection layer.