Machine against hand wash

    Machine wash will scratch the customer’s car – that´s absolutely not true! Instead hand wash will scratch the car. Why?Because Hand wash uses…:

    • …porous sponges where little stones can easily be kept inside. These little stones scratch the car
    • …Not enough water
    • …the same sponge for all parts of the car
    • …cheap, aggressive and hazardous chemicals (not only bad for the car paint but also the environment)
    • Old and used towels for drying

    The customer will not realize that after the first wash but after a certain time the car paint looks numb and doesn´t shine anymore. Customers therefore pay thousands of RMB per year for car beauty treatments. But the customer could save a lot of many if he would use the gentle automatic car wash machine. With different car care options an automatic car wash machine is not only scratch free but also able to generate a long term protection cover if used frequently. This will also protect the car from environmental influences like acid rain, air pollution, slimy dirt, bird droppings, insects, grease, tar, hand wash and many more. The customer will see the difference instantly.

    WashTec car wash machines use up to 180 liter of water per car and wash. This ensures that all dangerous particles are washed away before they can scratch the car paint. In combination with a water recycling system only 20 liter of fresh water are used. The rest of the water is reused and therefore environmental friendly. Please check the section “the washing process” on how we use the water and how we protect the car paint.


    Introduction WashTec car wash machine

    WashTec car wash systems technology has been characterized for over 50 years by its high quality, sophisticated technology and innovative functions. After more than 50 years we know every detail about car washing – but we are still able to improve our products constantly. More than 800 registered patents are proof of WashTec’s special innovative abilities. This technology can be seen at around 40.000 car wash installations globally. About 2.000.000 car owner experience the gentle and protective kind of car wash every day – they can´t be wrong!

    To make sure it stays that way, we are constantly developing our products to improve their efficiency and performance and to maximize customer satisfaction.

    The task for WashTec is always the same everywhere in the world: deliver high satisfaction with a clean, dry and protected car for each single customer who uses a WashTec car wash machine. Because satisfied car owner are the key to a profitable business for the operators.

    While car owner demands stay the same everywhere, operator have various demands regarding wash volume, options, design, space available and so on. That´s why WashTec has a broad range of products to fit every demand in the automotive car wash business. Each single product with the same quality standards you can expect from a German company!

    Car wash machines are generally categorized through its wash volume per hour and the space requirements. Let´s see the following overview:
    10Single Portal Systems (SoftWash)10×5 Meter
    18Double Portal Systems (SoftWash Speed)20×5 Meter (wash bay size)
    30Tunnel/Conveyor System (SoftLine Compact; SL 30)14 – 20 Meter (length conveyor belt*)
    50Tunnel/Conveyor System (SoftLine SL 50)25 – 30 Meter (length conveyor belt*)
    75Tunnel/Conveyor System (SoftLine SL 75)30 – 35 Meter (length conveyor belt*)
    100+Tunnel/Conveyor System (SoftLine SL 100)35 – 40 Meter (length conveyor belt*)

    * In addition to the conveyor belt length an entry space of about 6 m (pre wash) and an exit space of another 6 m is advisable.

    All of these car wash machine types work according to the same principal:

    Prewash – Main/Brush wash – Car Care – Rinsing – Drying

    …just the way to reach the target is slightly different.

    Contact us to choose the machine that fits your demands.

    SoftWash roll-over car wash system

    The Top seller in China, Asia and Australia! The SoftWash is a perfect combination of low space requirements, wash volume and efficiency. A German high quality product with an unbeatable price during his lifetime and maximum performance.

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    AquaPur® – the effective filter concept for clean process water. AquaPur is a tried and tested system based on mechanical filtering processes and the use of special quartz gravel. For car washing, it therefore provides a very efficient yet cost-effective way of reclaiming water.
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    The JetWash is the compact, state-of-the-art self serve car wash system that accommodates up to four bays in a self-contained unit only 56” wide and 24” deep, making it easy to get through a standard-sized door and easy to fit into a small equipment room.
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    Complete range of innovative chemical wash- and care products for cars, commercial vehicles and buses.
    For use in gantry-, jet wash- and tunnel systems, in water treatment and the cleaning of wash systems and wash halls…
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    Best suited to locations with the opportunity for delivering high consumer demand and high wash volumes, WashTec Tunnel/Conveyor Systems are capable for cleaning up to 100 vehicles per hour…
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    The WashTec MaxiWash Vario lives up to its name. You can assemble your particular machine from a wide selection of options. The variety of possible versions fulfils any wishes with regard…
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    SofTecs is a revolutionary wash material designed and engineered in Germany, and is used by the worlds leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Created from a special non-porous material…
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