We understand your business



    • Set yourself apart from your local competitors
    • Be ready for the future
    • Car pre cleaning before doing additional services
    • Demanding customers and customer expectations
    • Prevent damaged cars and scratches
    • Customer loyalty
    • Free yourself from increasing salaries
    • Avoid a wrong product decision


    Your opportunities:

    • Gain customer loyalty with regular wash business, sell additional services
    • Discover new profit chances
    • Provide car paint protection for a reasonable price
    • Offer new services to customer
    • Help customer to feel save and protected
    • Attract customer with a future oriented Equipment
    • Show competence and responsibility
    • Show environmental and social engagement

    A Chinese car owner washes his car about 40 times a year. If you take more than 120.000.000 cars in China into consideration you can imagine the business opportunities in the future. Currently this is mainly done by hand wash companies. But why? Hand wash scratches the car and makes it look dull – we can prove that, and customers are aware of that. Our car wash machines don´t scratch cars – we can prove that too.

    How can you be part of this promising business? The demand for car wash will increase in the future. Unfortunately staff salaries and rent will increase disproportionate too – especially in urban areas. Therefore you need work automation with a minimum of staff and a maximum of space profitability. That´s your chance! Invest in an automatic car wash machine and be ready before the boom finally starts. Let us be your business consultant to start into a profitable new business. We know what we are talking about – because we do this business since more than 50 years with thousands of sites globally.

    If you decide to start a business in the car wash industry or if you would like to switch from hand to machine wash you should be aware that you only earn money when the machine is running. With break downs you lose money. Therefore you need a reliable, high quality product from WashTec Germany. We guarantee a machine uptime of more than 98%/year. Our high quality components from Germany and China provide an average lifetime of more than 8 years. That means a long time of making money after you have already reached your return of investment. If you don´t believe us – we can proof that with thousands of machines running all over the world.

    Let us calculate your opportunities together.