We understand your business



    • Cleaning of every car at least once, maybe more often
    • Handling of an enormous number of cars in a short time
    • Dealing with new and expensive cars – damages are not acceptable
    • Car paint still new, special treatment is necessary
    • Heavy dirt after long transport or storage
    • Just-in-time car delivery with very tight time schedules
    • High expectations from contract partners (especially western car brands)
    • Deliver the same results with every car


    Your opportunities:

    • Wash a high number of cars within a short time
    • Use a proven washing system that will not scratch or damage cars
    • Use different customized programs to deal with every kind of dirt
    • Plan always with the same wash volume. Don´t risk to have a bottle neck in car wash
    • Especially western car brands expect a save wash with a WashTec car wash machine
    • Use a machine from the manufacturer that supplies most of the car plants globally

    Car logistic companies face a big task – move and deliver thousands of new cars every day. Either new delivered cars from overseas production or cars on stock, they all have to be cleaned before delivery to the dealer or customer. Tight schedules, changes in delivery, stock rotation and more are tasks to solve – opportunity to react quickly is a big plus in this business.

    Therefore you cannot afford to have delays or a bottle neck in car wash. You need a reliable, high quality product from WashTec Germany. We guarantee you a machine uptime of more than 98%/year to allow you to plan in time and without risks. And the results? Our machine works, if necessary, 24/7– always with the same high satisfactory and reliable result. Day in, day out! And the special benefit: our machine can run with just one operator! No need for a high number of car wash staff. That means less problems with staff or steadily increasing salaries.

    And last but not least: Our car wash machines are very gentle to the new cars. Hand wash scratches the car – we can proof that. Don´t risk your reputation and the precious car of your customers. Our car wash machines don´t scratch cars – we can proof that too. Our machines are installed in nearly every plant of western car brands – we even clean freshly painted cars!

    A tight schedule? An unexpected change? Very dirty cars? No Problem. The wash times of WashTec machines vary between 2,5 and 8 minutes – depending on your demands, challenges or expectations. We customize the machine to your business needs.