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    • Car pre-cleaning before manual polish or waxing
    • High wash numbers
    • Demanding customers and customer expectations
    • Prevent damaged cars and scratches
    • High number of competitors
    • Customer loyalty
    • Difficulties with staff or too high costs
    • Time pressure
    • Too less space compared to wash volume


    Your opportunities:

    • Gain customer loyalty with regular visits through wash business
    • Endeavour new profit chances through more customer visits/loyalty
    • Increase your car wash volume and free resources for beauty works
    • Profit from a quick return on investment
    • Provide car paint protection for a reasonable price…

    Customers visit your shop once, maybe twice a year for a big car care program? What about the rest of the year? Where do they wash their car and where goes the money? A Chinese customer washes his car up to 40 times a year. Why not bind the customer with the opportunity of a price worth daily wash and care program in addition to the yearly treatment? Another benefit: you can use the regularly customer appearance for selling additional business…
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    Shanghai 007 Car Service Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai 007 Car Service Co., Ltd. is a car service company with chain shops currently in Shanghai. The main service includes car beauty, maintenance, repair and insurance claims. The chain shops in Shanghai provide: car repair, car maintenance, car beauty at gas stations. The combination of refueling, shopping and car care fulfills the one-stop-service concept at a gas station perfectly and makes it very convenient for customers.

    Shanghai 007 Car Service Co., Ltd. operates WashTec car wash machines in several gas stations to provide high quality car care to the customer. The machines are used either to clean and prepare the car prior to car detailing or as an independent full service car care. Besides a full car detailing once or twice a year the automatic car wash machine can provide a daily car care for customer cars. With the car wash machine 007 Car Service is able to offer a regular service to customers to strengthen the customer loyalty – a win-win situation for the customer and 007 Car Service!

    In addition 007 Car Service supports the customer with an attractive range of loyalty programs and card.