“Drive business:”

    Nobody knows the vehicle wash business better than we do.

    WashTec is long-established within the industry. We invented the fully-automatic wash system.

    Strategic expansions and international mergers consolidate our leading position in the worldwide car wash business.

    Our developments set pioneering standards in the industry because they match the needs of the customer.


    “Deliver customer Experience:”

    The solutions we need. For decades.

    Made in Germany at its best: engineering as an artform for maximum customer benefit.

    Machines which meet the right needs at the right time.

    Vehicle-value retention, visibility and road safety, vehicle care and paintwork care, detail-cleaning of wheels and hatch backs, convenience and ease of use.


    The birth of the wash industry

    The company WashTec has been around as long as the automobile. The Kleindienst GmbH & Co. KG engineering works were set up in Augsburg in 1885. Initially specializing in the manufacture of machines for laundries, the company later successfully developed and produced elevators. Then came the strategic switch to vehicle wash systems. The foundations were laid for our success story.

    In 1962 we invented the first fully-automatic brush washing system. In 1965 we developed the first carwash and in 1967 we launched the first commercial vehicle wash for trucks and buses. This set whole new standards in the industry.


    Technical mastery and continued innovation were the driving forces for the growth of the business. Core competences were consolidated. Business sectors were strategically expanded. This included national and international mergers and acquisitions: Forward-thinking transactions opened up access to the worldwide market and we expanded our expertise – especially in the chemical industry.

    Milestones of a success story

    Continued expansion led to the founding of a holding company in 1994, into which was absorbed WESUMAT Fahrzeugwaschanlagen GmbH, founded in 1984. 1997 saw the transformation to WESUMAT Holding AG and listing on the stock market.

    The Osorno Group, at that time a holding of the two companies Kleindienst GmbH & Co. and A. Rohé GmbH, merged the firms. California Kleindienst GmbH was created and advanced the German leadership of the market in wash system manufacturing.

    2000 saw the merger of the two leading forces in professional vehicle cleaning – WESUMAT and California Kleindienst – to form WashTec AG. The merger created a worldwide market leader in vehicle wash systems. The combined skills of research, production and service remains unique to this day.

    2008 was the year in which WashTec signed off on the purchase of AUWA Chemie GmbH. The takeover strategically aligned WashTec as a complete service provider in the vehicle wash industry.
    But that’s far from being the end of our success story. You will hear more from us…