“Drive Business”:

    Pioneer and innovation leader in the vehicle wash industry.

    In 1962 we invented the world’s first automatic brush-washing system.
    Our technical performances are still leading to innovations for products and processes in the car wash industry.
    We are the market driver and its navigator. Close to our customers. At the operator’s side. And better than the competition.


    “Deliver Customer Experience”:

    Your perfect partner for a good vehicle wash business.

    Profit from our decades of experience. We know the market. We set the standards.
    Trust our developments – from the gantry wash system to digital solutions.
    As a company and employer WashTec offers international opportunities and fulfills its economical, ecological and social responsibility.


    World´s leading provider of solutions, processes and services

    Mobility is one of the motors of our society. It moves people forward. It expands horizons and enables development. For individuals, for society, for the economy. A world-wide leading provider of products, processes and solutions for the vehicle wash industry, WashTec has an important role in this complex network. Not only because clean cars reduce the chances of an accident on the roads. They also ensure that people enjoy driving more. And they secure the system operator an economic existence in a dynamic market.

    It all started in Augsburg

    It all started in 1885 with Hans Kleindienst & Co. in Augsburg. The car was just starting out on its successful journey. The motivation of the makers back then was as clear as it is today: to make useful, in those days pioneering, technological solutions available to the people. The pinnacle was the invention and construction of the world’s first automatic brush-washing system in 1962.

    Today our ambitions go much further. We are revolutionizing products and processes. We offer car washes which deliver clean results and an enjoyable experience. This involves the continued outstanding achievements of our competent employees in development and manufacturing. It also involves innovative control concepts, a comprehensive service concept including convenience at the wash unit and adopting environmental awareness.

    Performance from passion

    We currently employ more than 1,800 people worldwide. At our headquarters in Augsburg, 60 gantry systems, 3 tunnel washes and 25 jet-wash bays are built every week. In a three-shift operation. By qualified employees. Under the leadership of over 60 passionate engineers. Driven by the aim of developing innovations which offer the customers and the operator better results and experiences. Worldwide. To suit all markets and their specific requirements

    We are, have always been and will remain innovation leaders

    The list of our technical achievements and innovations is long. We invented and built the gantry system. And later perfected its automation. We successfully established products on the market which opened new dimensions in vehicle washing. And today we are the innovation leaders for digital solutions. WashTec is the market driver and navigator. Close to our customers. At the operator’s side. And better than the competition.

    Our subsidiary AUWA offers an all-encompassing range of chemical wash- and care products for cars and commercial vehicles as well as innovative process solutions. Our Best Performance line is a brilliant range of coordinated individual products: The components refine car washing in unique ways – adding more shine, more paint protection and reducing water marks. Consistently innovative chemicals, which can be combined easily by the operator in order to offer the best car care to the customer.