We understand your business:


    • High wash numbers
    • Obligation without benefit
    • Customer expectations
    • Prevent damaged cars and scratches
    • Brand independent service shop competitors
    • Difficulties with staff or too high costs
    • Time pressure
    • Too less space compared to wash volume


    • Not just an obligation but a money maker
    • Provide car paint protection for a reasonable price
    • Offer new services to customer
    • Help customer to feel save and protected
    • Show competence and responsibility
    • Show environmental and social engagement

    Offer your customers a new experience in service. Customers expect a clean car after service but how about offering a quick and high quality car care in addition? Your costs per car are very low but you can ask for around RMB 90 for a full wax or polish treatment – without additional staff, simply done by the machine in a few minutes.

    How about scratches? Hand wash scratches the car and makes it look dull – we can proof that, and customers are aware of that. Don´t risk your reputation and the precious car of your customer. Our car wash machines don´t scratch cars – we can proof that too. Use this statement to attract more customers and avoid migration to competitors.

    Time Pressure? The wash times vary between 2,5 and 8 minutes – depending on your demands, customer offer and expectations. We customize the machine to your business needs.

    You have a huge amount of cars for maintenance and a strict schedule in your shop? You cannot afford to wait for the car being washed because customers wait? Therefore you need a reliable, high quality product from WashTec Germany. We guarantee you a machine uptime of more than 98%/year.

    Problems with the wash volume or car wash staff? Want do reduce your staff demand? Our machine works 24/7 if necessary without sick leave or something else – always with the same high satisfactory and reliable result. Day in, day out!

    This is not possible? Just ask us!