“Drive business:”

    WashTec sets washing standards. Always has. Always will.

    WashTec sets new standards of washing in Asia / China. German Quality. Great washing results. High profitability.

    We have been, are and will remain an innovation leader. For products. Processes. Digital operator concepts. And in chemistry involved.

    We are a leader in the car wash market. Because we are close to the plant operator. And to the end consumer. In more than 80 countries.


    “Deliver customer experience:”

    Optimal experiences and results. For end consumers. And operators.

    Establish your car wash business with a great headstart: with powerfully effective washes.

    Benefit from our experience: in site planning, financing and operating a lucrative car wash.

    Take advantage of a long-term partnership: full-service, professional advice and customized solutions.

    Business development

    You have realized the potential of automatic car wash but dont know how to start?

    We know, because we do that business successfully since more than 50 years. We support you with all necessary business knowledge and more.
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    SoftWash direct link

    The success system SoftWash!

    The Top seller in China, Asia and Australia! The SoftWash is a perfect combination of low space requirements, wash volume and efficiency. A German high quality product with an unbeatable price during his lifetime and maximum performance.
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    Machine against Handwash

    Manual car wash scratches cars!
    Our machines don´t! …and we can prove that.

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    Environmental protection

    By developing eco-friendly products we actively contribute to conserving the planet’s limited energy.

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    Dealers Wanted!

    We are looking for Dealers!
    Join WashTec to develop the car wash future…

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